1 – What are Cookies?
Cookie is a small file that is placed on the computer of those who visit us through our online platforms and, serves to identify the computer in question. These files do not contain any personal information and are used exclusively by security reasons and for statistical purposes. However, if you choose not to activate cookies on the website, it may result in
to access some areas of the site or to receive personalized information.

2 – What Cookies Do We Use?
Technical Cookies:
They are session cookies, identification, configuration and registration, strictly necessary to identify and provide the requested services.
The information obtained through them is handled only by gilmachado.com.

Analysis Cookies:
Those that are well treated by us or by third parties (Google Analytics), allows us graphically, quantify the number of users and perform statistical analysis of the use and service offered. It allows to improve the supply of products or services offered.

3 – How to disable a Cookie?
Most browsers show how to configure your browser so that you can enable or disable the use of cookies.
To control the use of Cookies, configure using the browser.

4 – How to configure cookies in different browsers?
Chrome: https://xsurl.me/QpA
Firefox: https://xsurl.me/d5L
Safari: https://xsurl.me/pcq