Selling doesn’t mean buyers! Educate instead.

Selling by educating your current customers, is much easier than acquiring new ones. Experts at digital marketer use the philosophy of retaining customers and utilising current traffic. If you’re just going to sell sell sell then you’re still going to be stuck at the first hurdle. Walk away from this strategy and start educating your current clients. Solve their everyday problems, check in with emails that will add value to their daily lives. Create amazing infographics that they will share with their friends. Creating webinars and how to guides are also a valuable and credible way of retaining customers. They will start seeing you as a trusted source of information, and ultimately a brand they can trust to help them.

Add value and quality

If you’re promoting an amazing service or product, then make sure it is just that. Quality meanscustomer loyalty and customer satisfaction. They are more likely to stay a customer if the products do exactly what they say they will and more. Utilise all aspects of a product or service by ensuring customers understand the value it brings to them or their business, using the above steps. Up to 40% of Millennials, when surveyed stated that they left a brand due to poor quality or unavailability. Make sure you’re not dumped for a competing brand, by delivering quality, every time.

Speak the words that convert

Humans are neurologically wired to respond to words instinctively. According to research, we all subconsciously relate words to sounds. In a study,  those who were shown a rounded shape, compared to a triangular shape, would automatically match a ‘harsher’ sounding word to the triangular one and a soothing word to the round shape. This shows that words are a powerful factor for successful conversions and retention rates.


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